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How Australians Can Buy Real Techniques for HALF THE PRICE

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Australian consumers are getting ripped off by Real Techniques and getting charged twice as much for the exact same product. Yup. That brush you picked up at Priceline or from the Australian Real Techniques online store? They are sold for half the price in America and other countries. Literally.


The Real Techniques website is oh-so-kind as to provide a currency conversion service on its global site. This Deluxe Gift Set comes to a total of $40.oo AUD, which is not too bad, right? It’s actually quite a nice amount for a brush set like this.

However, if you try to make a purchase, you cannot choose Australia as a shipping location. In order to buy a product and have it delivered to an Australian address, you have to go on to their Australian site and get your product from there.

But wait! What is this? The same brush set on the Australian online store costs a whopping $79.99 AUD! They are literally selling you a $40 brush set for $80! When I discovered this, I was slightly outraged. The prices on Real Technique’s Australian online store are also the amount they are sold for in Australian stores such as Priceline Pharmacy.


After realising the brush set was twice the price for Australians, I had a look at other products to see if this was also the case. Spoiler: it is indeed.

The ever-popular powder brush is only around $13 AUD on the global store, but is $28 AUD for Australian buyers! In fact, it is cheaper for people from other countries to buy the Ultimate Base Set for $24 AUD than for an Australian to buy one powder brush.


Real Techniques’ Miracle Complexion Sponge is a cult favourite because of 1) how amazing it is and 2) how affordable it is at $6.00 USD (equivalent to $8.00 AUD). However, Australians don’t totally agree with the second statement, with a Miracle Complexion Sponge in Australia costing $17 AUD.



I have found a way for Australian consumers to buy Real Techniques products for the same price as Americans and other people around the world.


iHerb is a site I came across that basically sells natural products from America to countries all around the world, including Australia. For extra ease, they have an Australian site which states prices in Australian dollars. This may be a basic feature but since so many sites are lacking it (looking at you, Amazon), I just thought it was worth giving iHerb credit for. This post isn’t sponsored by the way, I just really fkin love iHerb.

The prices are basically what the products would be sold for in America, except just converted in Australian dollars. None of this $40 set turning into an $80 splurge bullshit.

Also, if you use my referral code (DVZ422) – you get $5 off your first purchase and I think I also receive some credit towards my next purchase. iHerb also donates $1 towards charity for each new person that signs up. I think that is just flipping awesome.

Once you’re a member, you can give your own referral code to family and friends so that they can enjoy the benefits of $5 off their purchase and you get a little something-something as well. I actually joined up using a YouTuber’s referral code as a way of helping her out since I can’t afford to buy her merch or donate.

And remember that $80 brush set this all started because of? I got it for $25 on iHerb. It is usually $40, but is currently on sale so if you’re quick you can catch a killer deal. Since I used a referral code and got $5 off my purchase, instead of paying for $30 for the brushes plus shipping, I only had to pay $25 for both.

Screen Shot 2016-07-02 at 9.04.45 PMLet’s talk about SHIPPING. IT IS LIKE 5 BUCKS VIA AUSTRALIA POST. 5 DOLLAH SHIPPING. I flipped out because usually shipping costs an arm and a leg. BUT SERIOUSLY IT IS ONLY 5 DOLLARS LIKE WHAT THE ACTUAL.

It also has an amazing rewards program. When you make a purchase, you get 10% of your purchase as credit towards your next purchase. For example, my total for the brushes and some other small products came to like $31 before shipping costs came into it. I therefore received $3.10 credit to go towards my next purchase. If you think about it, shipping is basically almost free for the next purchase.

As much as I love Real Techniques – guys, please stop ripping us off. I’m just thankful that I was introduced to iHerb and can afford to get some beautiful products for very reasonable prices.

I hope I’ve managed to help someone else out! If you found this helpful then be sure to share this post with others. Or be selfish and use my referral code to buy yourself some nice brushes and laugh evilly in your room as you watch your enemies splurge out unnecessary cash for a product you got for half the price.



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